Photography Is Art (BETA)


Sample FrameCustom framing is available for all prints.  The custom frames for my art prints are made by the Poised Fine Woodworking Guild, and are, in themselves a work of art.  There are actually a number of options for your framing:

Wooden Frame Options:

  1. Plain fine quality frame–this frame is made of a quality wood finished and constructed in a way that is complimentary to the print.
  2. Artisan fine quality frame–this frame is made with the wood artistry of the fine wood workers at the Poised Gallery.  The frame will be artistically constructed to fit with and compliment the print.

Protective Barrier Options:

  1. Glare resistant glass–just what it says a glass barrier that gives the highest level of protection to your print while still being as glare-free as possible.
  2. Water Based Laquer Coating–this barrier is not as durable or protective as the glass, but doesn’t have any glare, and looks less like a barrier.  It’s like a contact lens for your print. **Not available in all sizes or papers.**